Sunday, August 29, 2010

A quick update!

Sorry it has been so long since our last update!! Things have been crazy around here. Daylon has started speech once a week and is doing really well with it. Still isn't talking a whole lot at home but will rattle off a lot more words while at speech. I think he's just being stubborn and has two big sisters to talk for him at home.
I emailed all of Daylon's doctors not long after we returned from convention and most of them seem to be on board with using Dr. H's protocol. We saw his regular pediatrician about a week ago and asked him about ordering some of the tests that Dr. H recommends and he did. That was no fun at all, 4 little tubes of blood in one shot. He took it like a trooper though, like he always does. We still haven't gotten the results back, but I am very interested to hear what they are. I did ask the doctor about the metopic fusion that Dr. H commented on and he felt that it wasn't necessary to do any other testing for that and because it was only one area of the skull that fused too early there isn't a concern. What a relief to hear that!!
I have also talked with the hematologist in Great Falls and he wants to be included in Daylon's case whether it is just getting the results of all of the labs and seeing if he can find anything different than the others, or if he wants us to come up there periodically, it hasn't been decided yet.
I am not sure how to take Daylon's endocrinologist. I emailed him the same information I emailed all of the other doctors and the response I got from him was "Thank you. Give him a hug for me."
As far as the shots go, he is doing wonderful with them!!! He occasionally fusses and cries when it's time for the shot but right after it's done, he's off playing again like nothing happened. I am praying that they are working. We won't really be able to tell a whole lot until our appointment in October, unless the labs that Dr. C ordered for us show something different. He has grown since starting, but I'm not sure if it's due to the growth hormone or if it is growth on his own.

On a side note, I have started my own business with Thirty-One gifts!! I am extremely excited about this new adventure! Thirty-One is a Christian based company and the name itself is derived from Proverbs 31:10-31, The Virtuous Woman. Our mission is to Celebrate, Encourage, and Reward Women!! Part of my own mission with this is to help others. My plan is to donate 10% of party sales to either The MAGIC Foundation, or to my husband's cousin Jason and his family. Jason is fighting metastatic melanoma and had his fourth brain surgery on his 40th birthday. With every party booked, I will be asking the hostess if they want to do the show in honor of MAGIC or Jason and whichever they choose will get 10% of the party sales.

Thank you all for your support!!!