Sunday, November 21, 2010

New Endocrinologist

I called our new endocrinologist's office to get his take on waiting until January to see Daylon. He was not okay with that, he actually wanted to see him this month, but there was no way we could make it to Salt Lake. We had talked about going to Salt Lake in December, but our insurance would not cover him in Salt Lake, it will here, but not there. So, we will be going to Missoula sometime the week of January 10th-14th. I got the intake paperwork from the new doctor and my goodness it covers things that previous specialists have never asked before. All I can say is January should prove interesting.
I have also been asked by the SGA division coordinator for MAGIC to write our story for the next newsletter. I will be busy doing that for a while. Trying to put the last two and a half, almost three years on paper, should prove interesting. LOL!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Update on Ears & New Doc

We had Daylon's ENT appointment today. His right ear looks great, but the left is still causing problems. It is still draining quite a bit so we are to continue with the ear drops 3 drops, 3 times a day until they stop draining and then continue for a week after that. He also made a recommendation that I had never heard of before, with him having such a yucky stuffy nose and draining green stuff, he wants us to use a tiny bit of neosporin inside both nostrils once a day for a month. He said that the vaseline will melt and the oil will carry the antibiotic through the sinus cavities & down the eustacian tubes, apparently this helps a lot with some kids with the infections there. He wants to try to keep him off all of the oral antibiotics as much as possible and wants to see him again in January, unless there are more issues then he wants to see him before then.

Dr. C called me this morning to ask about the endocrinology situation. He wanted to know if MAGIC knew of any endos in our area that follow the same protocol as Dr. H. I told him that I had made a few calls to the two doctors that come to Montana and that it sounds like Dr. S follows the same protocol. He let me know that they would give me a referral to any doctor that I wanted to see, and agreed to send a referral to Dr. S. He also commented that he did not know that Dr. S still came to Montana, so it sounds like he may be familiar with him. So hopefully we will be going to Missoula in January to see him, unless he wants to see us sooner than that, then we will have to go to Utah to see him.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pictures that I promised you from D's surgery

Waiting for surgery and playing with the camera they gave him.

The tubes that were taken out of D's ears.

Another Shot of the tubes.

Playing with his gloves, hanging out in pre-op.

What Daddy & Sister were doing while we waited.

Just watching a little TV.

Another Update

I can't wait until Wednesday when we see Dr. Butler again on Daylon's ears. They have not stopped bothering him at all and the left started really draining last Thursday and is still draining. This is after a round of Cephalexin and the continuous Neomycin, hydro-cortisone drops.

On the Endocrinology front, it's a long story. We were not able to see Dr. K on the 4th due to a death in the family. We did reschedule for January 5th, but will most likely be canceling that appointment because circumstances as they are, and have been with Dr. K, we feel that a change in care is needed.

We researched the other two doctors that come to Montana and called both of their offices to get as much information as we can. We have found a doctor that requires that he sees the patient every 3 months while on growth hormone and is familiar with treating RSS/SGA patients. His treatment protocol sounds much like Dr. H's, which I am very excited about!! I called Dr. C's office to see about getting the referral. I am hoping he will give us the referral, if so we will be headed to Missoula to see Dr. S from Utah in January and every 3 months after that. It sounds like the one in Great Falls is not taking new patients and will be closing his practice.

Update 11/9/10 @ 1:30pm

I did talk to the Great Falls office and that doctor is accepting new patients but will not be back in Montana until March. This is too long to wait for a change in care.
Daylon's ears have been really bugging him today, so it is a very good thing that we will be seeing Dr. Butler tomorrow.