Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Update on Ears & New Doc

We had Daylon's ENT appointment today. His right ear looks great, but the left is still causing problems. It is still draining quite a bit so we are to continue with the ear drops 3 drops, 3 times a day until they stop draining and then continue for a week after that. He also made a recommendation that I had never heard of before, with him having such a yucky stuffy nose and draining green stuff, he wants us to use a tiny bit of neosporin inside both nostrils once a day for a month. He said that the vaseline will melt and the oil will carry the antibiotic through the sinus cavities & down the eustacian tubes, apparently this helps a lot with some kids with the infections there. He wants to try to keep him off all of the oral antibiotics as much as possible and wants to see him again in January, unless there are more issues then he wants to see him before then.

Dr. C called me this morning to ask about the endocrinology situation. He wanted to know if MAGIC knew of any endos in our area that follow the same protocol as Dr. H. I told him that I had made a few calls to the two doctors that come to Montana and that it sounds like Dr. S follows the same protocol. He let me know that they would give me a referral to any doctor that I wanted to see, and agreed to send a referral to Dr. S. He also commented that he did not know that Dr. S still came to Montana, so it sounds like he may be familiar with him. So hopefully we will be going to Missoula in January to see him, unless he wants to see us sooner than that, then we will have to go to Utah to see him.

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