Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Another Update

I can't wait until Wednesday when we see Dr. Butler again on Daylon's ears. They have not stopped bothering him at all and the left started really draining last Thursday and is still draining. This is after a round of Cephalexin and the continuous Neomycin, hydro-cortisone drops.

On the Endocrinology front, it's a long story. We were not able to see Dr. K on the 4th due to a death in the family. We did reschedule for January 5th, but will most likely be canceling that appointment because circumstances as they are, and have been with Dr. K, we feel that a change in care is needed.

We researched the other two doctors that come to Montana and called both of their offices to get as much information as we can. We have found a doctor that requires that he sees the patient every 3 months while on growth hormone and is familiar with treating RSS/SGA patients. His treatment protocol sounds much like Dr. H's, which I am very excited about!! I called Dr. C's office to see about getting the referral. I am hoping he will give us the referral, if so we will be headed to Missoula to see Dr. S from Utah in January and every 3 months after that. It sounds like the one in Great Falls is not taking new patients and will be closing his practice.

Update 11/9/10 @ 1:30pm

I did talk to the Great Falls office and that doctor is accepting new patients but will not be back in Montana until March. This is too long to wait for a change in care.
Daylon's ears have been really bugging him today, so it is a very good thing that we will be seeing Dr. Butler tomorrow.

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