Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Starting Growth Hormone Therapy

We finally got a diagnosis for our little boy. He is SGA or Small for Gestational Age. So he will be put on Growth Hormone therapy for at least six months to see how he responds. If he responds well then we know that the growth hormone he produces on his own does not function properly. If he doesn't grow and get to feeling better, then we know we need to do more testing. It is possible that SGA may not be his final diagnosis. If he does not grow than we know that we need to do more testing on his IGF-1 levels.
So now we are waiting for the drug company to call us to set up shipment & training for our first months supply of Humatrope (HGH). Once we talk to them they will get it shipped out to us and will then start dealing with the insurance company to get approval.

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