Monday, May 9, 2011

Update from our ENT Appt.

We had our appointment with the ENT on Friday.
Daylon definitely needs new tubes, so he is scheduled for surgery on May 19th. The plan is to use a different kind of tube this time, called a Touma T-Tube. They are shaped differently and should last longer. Apparently they work similar to a toggle bolt, anyway that's how he explained it to me.
I discussed my concerns about Daylon's blood sugars while fasting and he said that we would monitor it before and after surgery. I called his endocrinologist's office today to see what he wants us to do for the surgery. Daylon's blood sugars for his last surgery were 80-something pre-op and 201 post-op, so I want his take on what that means and what he wants us to do to prevent the high. Unfortunately when I called Dr. S' office today, he was out of the office and so was his nurse, so I have to call back tomorrow. The recommendations from Dr. H are that with any surgery for an SGA child to run D-10 IV, but when I tried to get them to do that for the last surgery they wouldn't because it was such a short surgery. My hope is that I can get the endocrinologist in my corner on this one and push for the IV.

Today we had Daylon's IEP meeting for preschool in the fall. We went over his testing results and the only area that he isn't low in is Motor Skills. He is -2.47 standard deviations from the standardized score in Communication, -1.47 in Adaptive, -1.40 in Personal-Social, and -1.33 in Cognitive, and +0.47 in Motor Skills. In order to qualify for Special Education programs, including preschool, he had to be -2 standard deviations in at least one area.
What do all these numbers mean? Essentially in Communication he is scoring at a 14 - 23 month old level, Adaptive is at a 21 month old level, Personal-Social he is scoring at a 22-28 month old level, Cognitive is at a 24-27 month level, and Motor Skills are at a 34-41 month old level. He was 35 months old at the time of testing so that gives you an idea of the amount of delay he has.

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