Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Child Development Screen

Today we took Daylon and Andraya to a child development screening. Andraya did wonderful!! Passed everything with flying colors.
Daylon did well in everything except for the issues we were already aware of and he failed the hearing test. The tubes in his ears are not there anymore, or rather, one is in the ear canal and the other was not visible and both ears have fluid behind them. They referred us back to the ENT, and want to recheck his hearing in 4-6 weeks or 2 weeks after completion of the doctor's recommendations. She said it may just need antibiotics or another set of tubes, depending on what the doctor wants to do. So, we have an appointment with ENT on the 22nd. I am praying that this hearing loss is just temporary due to the fluid and that there's no permanent damage, we won't know for sure until after the recheck, although this does explain a lot about the speech delay!!

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