Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Little News From Here

The last two weeks have been pretty busy!
Daylon had his followup appointment with the ENT and the appointment with our new Endocrinologist. The ENT appointment went well. His ears are looking great!! YAY!! One less worry. He is fighting a bit of a cold now, but with the doctor's recommendation with the Neosporin, we will hopefully be able to keep it from turning into an ear infection.

The new Endocrinologist is GREAT!!! We are so happy with him. He validated my concerns and was very professional about everything. He commented that he was always curious whether growth hormone is the best medicine for these kids that are born small, but he wants to give Daylon a year on the growth hormone before we decide to try an alternative treatment(possibly Increlex). Right now, Daylon is still following about the same curve he was before we started the growth hormone, so I guess time will tell. He is up to 33.25 inches long and 25 pounds, which is about 3 pounds heavier and 2.75 inches taller than when we saw Dr. Harbison at convention in July. He changed Daylon's dose from 0.5 mg six times a week to 0.6 mg daily and will see him again in April. He also ordered a few tests to be run before our next visit. The tests include IGF-1, IGFBP3, a bone-age x-ray and thyroid function, which he requested be sent to a lab in CA, because they give much more accurate results than the lab that was previously used.

We are still seeing a speech therapist weekly to work on Daylon's speech and thankfully, he is starting to talk much more than before. We are also seeing an occupational therapist for his sensory processing issues and they seem to be getting better, except when he is tired. His weighted blanket that I made him works wonders. You would not believe the difference it makes in him unless you saw it for yourself! A wonderful website to reference on Sensory Processing Disorder is It has a checklist and several other resources about it. Interesting reading.

Next week we have our meeting with the school district and STEP to set up testing to transition from the services he's currently getting to Part B which, if he qualifies, would put him in the 3 year-old special needs preschool. So, all three of my babies may be in school next fall.

Thank you all for your support.

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  1. Nathan is on .63 a day ... I know we've already seen a difference in his growth and he's been on it now for about 3 months. {{HUGS}} I know it's not easy.

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