Saturday, October 8, 2011

October Appointment with ENT

October 7th we met with ENT to talk about Daylon's snoring and his hearing. We were not able to complete his last hearing test because the right tube appears to be coming out.
ENT did confirm that one of the tubes is working it's way out and we will need to put new tubes in, but at this point it is too soon to do anything about it.
I showed him the video of Daylon's breathing while he was sleeping and he feels that it is positional and wants me to take his pillow away and see if that makes a difference. I feel that it does not matter what position he is in and called Dr. C to see if he could get us in for a sleep study. He is going to see what all that entails and get that set up for us.
Dr. C called me back and we are set up for a tour of the Sleep Center on October 24th. We will see where he will sleep and what all they have to hook him up to for the study.

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