Friday, September 30, 2011

September 30th Growth Spurt

Today, is a HUGE day. It marks the first time EVER that families, friends, MAGIC Foundation supporters and many others are all joining forces to send emails throughout the world about the importance of monitoring a child's growth. We have a very simple message which can change the lives of children as those of us with the foundation have learned first hand. (For more information go to the website here ).

Please forward this message to everyone you can because somewhere....(maybe through you directly, or your friend, or your friend's friend) but somewhere.....a child is depending upon this information reaching his/her family or caregivers.

Is your child growing normally?
What if they grow too little or too fast? Is this important?
How much a child grows is a major sign of his or her overall health.
Health problems ranging from nutritional disturbances and hormone imbalances to serious conditions such as unidentified kidney problems or even brain tumors can all exhibit early signs by changing how much that child grows.

This simple information may make the difference in getting a child diagnosed with enough time left to make a difference in their lives.
If you are concerned about your own child, please for additional information.

Please, forward this to your friends and keep it going....a child somewhere is counting on it!


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