Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Fabulous Day!!

What an exciting day at our house!!
We got our Dr. H time slot! We will see her the first day of convention at 5:45pm. They will email me a spreadsheet to fill in with Daylon's measurements since birth (I think). I plan on sending his lab work along with that too. It will be so interesting to get Dr. H's opinion and thoughts.
And the most exciting news of all!! We had our training session this afternoon for the Humatrope and Daylon got his first dose today! We learned how to mix the medication and prime the pen device. The nurse also had us stick ourselves with an empty syringe that had the same gauge of needle on it, just so we knew how it feels. It is only a 31 gauge needle, so very tiny. They actually call it the invisible needle and it really doesn't hurt. There was a little sting after pulling the needle out, but not bad. Although, I will admit that I don't know whether or not the medication stings. I don't think it does though, because Daylon only whimpered right after I stuck him with the needle. No tears at all!! What a big boy! Praying this is our answer, not only for the growth but the other medical issues as well!
Please keep praying with us that funding comes through for our flight to Chicago! We appreciate you all so much!! Thank you for everything you have done!
Love & Prayers,

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